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piper loyd is a multidisciplinary designer based on a walnut orchard in california’s central valley. she has a masters of design from the university of washington and has worked with a variety of individuals + organizations, including ideo, starbucks + pioneer square labs.

she loves type + bread, bikes + books, mountain vistas + open roads. she’s available for remote projects worldwide + cannot wait to talk to you.

Screenshots of a self-booking web app for a mental health company
A bookcover for 22 Ways to Explore 203 BooksScreenshot of a website for a design portfolio
Side by side covers of the IDEO Journal publications
A photograph of a worn wooden bench in the forest with "teleportation bench" stenciled on the back
A pair of advertisements in a train station

right now, piper is learning how to make a wordpress site from scratch, knitting despite 90° fall temps, baking sourdough on thursdays, and embracing the headwind.