Handwritten welcome that says "Hi (waving hand) I'm Piper!"
I’m a multidisciplinary designer who thrives in the overlaps between product and brand, helping companies create holistic experiences.
I love telling stories, and there will likely be some element of storytelling in everything I do, whether communicating the decision making process to stakeholders, soliciting feedback from teammates, or helping a client craft a presentation. Some of my recent work includes a web app for patients to book an appointment with a new mental health provider, a visual brand identity for a network of women in finance leadership, and a pitch deck for a sports documentary.

Off the screens, you can find me pedaling down gravel roads, wandering bookstores, folding sourdough or making a mean hot toddy. I spend most of my time in the Siskiyou Mountains of Oregon, but I'm available for remote projects worldwide. Let's chat.
visual design
product design
creative direction
brand identity
user experience
user interface
editorial + publication design
workshop facilitation
presentation design