Deep Thoughts + Inspiration

on academic writing.

i am one year and 3 months into a masters of design at the university of washington school of art, art history and design. while last year i focused on building a foundation in design, this year i dive into examining what design is through academic texts, writing and a studio practice (more on the latter soon).

the attached is my first attempt at a research paper. i explore the designer-developer collaboration as it relates to typography on mobile screens. it’s far from complete, but i learned so much about how to formulate an argument and defend it. in the future, i would love to incorporate more narrative into this type of work. for the most part, though, i’m proud that i actually got this far. learning to think and process information through writing has been so much more challenging than i thought it would be.

if you’re interested in the top level argument, here’s the abstract:

In this paper, I examine current designer-developer collaborations in order to better understand the challenges visual communication designers and interaction designers face when laying out type on mobile screens. Due to different skill sets and varying communication processes between designer and developer, the translation from static mockup to coded design can make refining type difficult, ultimately affecting the reading experience of the user. I look to existing studies on designer-developer collaborations and apply these findings to three examples of designers working with developers in instances specifically related to typography on mobile screens. Based on these findings, I make 4 recommendations for designers to improve efficiency in their process and achieve desired levels of detail in their designs when working with developers: improving designer to developer communication, shifting the level of fidelity in static mockups, cultivating a mutual respect between designers and developers, and having an organization place value on design.

Piper Loyd